Kivi is an urban grow shop in Helsinki.

You can find everything to start growing superfoods, micro greens, mushrooms and herbs and learn about how to process and consume them at home.

Think you don't have enough space? Think again! We specialize in small and micro grows for apartments, but also have tents, lights and equipment for up to 1.2 sqm.

Need something bigger, more powerful or different? We can have it within a couple of days.

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We stock a selection of top brands and are manufacturing our own solutions, like our custom Ikea conversions.

From a small closet in your bedroom, a cupboard in the living room or an old closet in the garage, we can help you find a solution for any space.

Grow tents, led grow lights, extractor fans, activated carbon filters, electronic accessories, measuring tools, soils and substrates. We have it all.