Anti Oidium Fungicide

Anti Oidium Fungicide

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What Is Anti Oidium Fungicide?

This fungicide helps you prevent and combat plant fungal diseases. 

This fungicide is absorbed by the plant and distributed in all its tissues, acting in depth to combat fungi effectively and preventing their establishment.

Tetraconazol 12.5% is the active principle, with a mineral composition, effective against Oidium, powdery mildew, white spots, rust and anthracnose, among other fungi.

Why Choose Anti Oidium Fungicide?

You want to prevent or remove already present fungal diseases in plants. 

How To Use Anti Oidium Fungicide?

To use the product, we will dilute 10cc (all bottle content) in 15L of water or 1ml/L of water, and spray well both sides of the leaves and branches of your cannabis plants.