BIONOVA Longflower Supermix

BIONOVA Longflower Supermix

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What is BIONOVA Longflower Supermix?

Bionova Longflower Supermix is a single-component, mineral-based fertilizer tailored for plants with lengthy flowering cycles over 10 weeks. It's formulated with a mix of essential macro and microelements, plus organic extracts to boost both growth and flowering in plants that thrive under artificial light.

Why Choose BIONOVA Longflower Supermix?

This Supermix is ideal for nurturing long-blooming plants, ensuring they receive precise nutrients for enhanced growth and bloom. Its formula allows for immediate nutrient absorption, offering daily flexibility in meeting your plants' dietary needs. Combined with PK 13-14, it empowers your plants for better flowering.

How To Use BIONOVA Longflower Supermix?

Use from the first week of growth to one week before harvest, ensuring a flushing phase at the end. Compatible with all Bionova products, mix 13-27 ml per 10 liters of water for irrigation use. Note: It's not suitable for foliar application. Adjust dosages carefully to avoid overfeeding.