Calcium Magnesium (Terra Aquatica)

Calcium Magnesium (Terra Aquatica)

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What is Calcium Magnesium by Terra Aquatica?

Proper Calcium and Magnesium availability are crucial for plant nutrition. They help prevent nutrient deficiencies, support growth, and prevent issues like blossom end rot in crops like tomatoes and lettuce.

Why Choose It?

TA Calcium Magnesium Supplement provides concentrated, clean, and soluble Calcium and Magnesium that won't clog drippers. It's compatible with most nutrient regimes and helps counter Calcium sequestration in coco coir and when expanding compressed coco bales.

How to Use It?

  • For soft water areas: Use 1.5 ml per liter of water for most applications, including organic and high-demand crops.
  • With very soft water or Reverse Osmosis, add 2 ml per liter of water before nutrient solution.
  • For Coconut Coir, soil, or soilless mixes, use 1 to 1.5 ml per liter to saturate media, then add to nutrient solution for the first two weeks. Continuous use benefits fast-growing plants.

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