Can-Lite PL 300 M3/H Filter

Can-Lite PL 300 M3/H Filter

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What is Can-Lite PL 300?

The Can Filter Lite PL 300 is a lightweight solution for small grow boxes and enclosures. The unit is made out of one injection molded plastic structure with removable side covers that allows you to empty it, wash it and refill it with new carbon and dust cover. 

Why choose it?

  • Lightweight filters with a max of 18 months lifespan (2-3 grows recommended)
  • CKG 48 high quality activated carbon flakes
  • Easy to handle and to mount
  • Original mesh pattern for efficient airflow
  • Multi-layer pre-filter for better protection of the carbon
  • Most activated carbon per cm2 for better adsorption

How to use it?

These filters are fully compatible with our Vents Queitline fans.

For fast direct assembly, you can remove a few mm with a blade from the plastic flange, This allows the fan to slip inside, you can then secure it with a metal clamp.

If you need to connect the filter and the extractor fan with some ducting, you will need some metal clamps or rubber duct clamps. 

This filter is most often used in combination with a Vents Quietline 100 DUO on the higher setting (75m³/h), or a Vents Quietline 125 DUO on the lower setting (145m³/h)offering a lot of activated carbon contact area for the most effective odor removal. 

Looking for different sizes of the same line? Check out the Can-Lite PL 150 and the Can-Lite PL 425

Don't forget to add a flange to your order as the filter doesn't come equipped with one. 

Material: ABS Plastic
Length: 45cm
Weight: 2.5kg
Carbon Weight: 1.2kg
Diameter: 14.5cm
Carbon Bed: 2.5cm
Carbon Type: Lite
Technical Capacity: 330m3/h
Practical Capacity: 300 m3/h
Flange: 100/125