CANNA Calmag Agent

CANNA Calmag Agent

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What is CANNA Calmag Agent?

CANNA CALMAG AGENT is a calcium and magnesium mineral nutrient designed to improve water quality for calcium sensitive systems, specifically when using reverse osmosis water with a coco medium. CANNA CALMAG AGENT increases water hardness, without disrupting the balance of nutrient ratios within the system, and preserves nutrient quality while in the nutrient reservoir.

Most water in Finland is soft, so you will likely need to add this.

Why choose it?

  • Prevents deficiencies in calcium and magnesium
  • Increases water hardness
  • Stabilizes water pH over time
  • Perfected for use on our CANNA COCO substrate
  • Maintains optimal nutrient quality in the nutrient reservoir
  • Stronger, healthier plants
  • Promotes better quality flowers

How to use it?

  1. Fill nutrient reservoir with water of room temperature (18-22 °C).
  2. Add nutrients and additives to be used such as CANNA COCO, CANNABOOST, RHIZOTONIC, CANNAZYM, and PK13/14, mixing between each addition. Adjust your EC as needed. Make pH adjustments as needed.
  3. Add 2 - 4 ml/gal (5 - 10 ml/10 liters) of CALMAG AGENT, depending on your water quality and target plant.
  4. Wait 24-48 hours to do additional pH adjustments, because the solution naturally drops and then rises in pH during this time. Keep in mind that a stable pH is also temperature dependent.