Clonex Mist Root Promoter

Clonex Mist Root Promoter

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What Is Clonex Mist Root Promoter?

This spray was designed to increase the odds of successful cloning. This blend of amino acids and mineral nutrients will help accelerate the rooting process.

It was created to be used along with Clonex Rooting Gel and should be sprayed on the mother plant before cloning, and on the clones once they've been cut off and dipped in the rooting hormone.

 doesn't need to be diluted and is ready to be used. 

Why Choose Clonex Mist Root Promoter?

You want to increase the odds of a successful cloning process. 

How To Use Clonex Mist Root Promoter?

It's ready to be used, spray on your clones or even on the tips of your mother plan 1-2 weeks before taking the cuttings. You can spray every 2-3 days. 

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