CO2 Tabs - Extra Slow Release

CO2 Tabs - Extra Slow Release

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What are CO2 Tabs Extra Slow Release?

CO2 tabs are an effective way to increase carbon monoxide within your grow area . These effervescent tablets can be used to generate CO2 directly in the air, by mixing them in a glass of water placed in the grow tent, where the tabs will gradually release CO2 in the air when you mix them with water.

Alternatively, the tabs can be mixed with your nutrient solution if you are growing in soil or coco and directly to the nutrient reservoir if you are using hydroponics.

Adding CO2 will allow the plant to grow faster and result in a more abundant blooming phase, as the plants are able to process more nutrients and will hence require more watering and fertilizing. 

Why choose them?

You want to increase the amount of CO2 so plants can grow stronger, faster and produce more.

How to use them?

  • Foliar absorption: Place 1 tablet in a glass of water and allow do dissolve. 1 glass for every 2 plants. 
  • Root absorption: Crush 1 tablet every 5l of nutrient solution
  • Hydroponics: Place 1 tablet every 5l of nutrient solution directly into the tank

To optimize results, use CO2 Tabs 3 times a week when the light is on.