Cosmos 120W LED Grow Light

Cosmos 120W LED Grow Light

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What is Cosmos 120W LED Grow Light?

The Cosmos 120W LED Grow Light, presented by Vanguard Hydroponics, is a robust solution for indoor gardeners looking to optimize their grow space with a powerful yet efficient lighting system. Designed for a larger coverage area of 60x60 cm, this full-spectrum LED panel is tailored to support a wide range of plant types through every stage of growth, from the vegetative phase to flowering, with an easy-to-use switch for mode transition.

Why Choose It?

Opting for the Cosmos 120W LED Grow Light means benefiting from:

  • Enhanced Coverage: Optimized for a 60x60 cm area, this light is ideal for medium-sized grow tents, providing uniform light distribution across your canopy.
  • Full Spectrum Efficiency: With a blend of critical wavelengths (395nm, 3000K, 5000K for vegetative growth, and 660nm, 730nm for flowering), it ensures your plants receive all the light they need to thrive.
  • Superior Energy Efficiency: Boasts an efficacy of 2.5 μmol/J, balancing high-output lighting with conscientious energy use.
  • Advanced Heat Dissipation: The aluminum structure aids in passive cooling, significantly reducing heat emission and allowing close proximity to plants without risk.
  • Versatility and Control: Comes with a built-in power regulator (for adjusting intensity) and a switch for spectrum adaptation, catering to varied growth stages and plant needs.
  • Durability: IP54 rated for protection against dust and water, ensuring the light's longevity in diverse indoor environments.

How to Use It?

Maximizing the Cosmos 120W LED Grow Light's potential is straightforward:

  1. Installation: Mount the LED panel above your plants, ensuring it's centered over a 60x60 cm area. The ideal height from the canopy is 20-30 cm to promote even light exposure and penetration.
  2. Light Mode Adjustment: Utilize the integrated switch to toggle between vegetative and flowering modes according to your plants' growth stages.
  3. Intensity Regulation: For tailored light intensity, adjust the built-in power regulator to suit your specific plant requirements, enhancing growth without overexposure.

This LED grow light is a perfect match for gardeners looking to elevate their indoor garden's efficiency and yield with a reliable, user-friendly, and powerful lighting solution

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