Dark Street REV 4.0 WIDE 120x60x178 (DS120W)

Dark Street REV 4.0 WIDE 120x60x178 (DS120W)

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What is Dark Street REV 4.0 WIDE 120x60x178 (DS120W)?

The Dark Street are quality, top of the line grow tents that excel for thermal, light and odor insulation, accessory quality, building simplicity, durability, ease of build and accessory compatibility. This is simply a well designed and manufactured kit.

This is a great apartment tent as it sits nicely against the wall without taking up the entire room.

It comes without any pre cut holes, you can pick yourself where to put the intake and outtake holes. The clamIT system makes it super easy to make the opening and almost impossible to mess up. 

Check out how easy it is to make the ventilation holes in this video.

This is what you will find in the box:

  • High quality light proof 120x60x178cm grow tent
  • SCROG net: guide your plants and support them as they grow
  • Side reinforcements: give you more grow space by fighting the negative pressure by keeping the tent away from the plants
  • Water tray: don't worry about spillage as you water the plants
  • Shoulder bag to carry the tent and accessories
  • Ducting Flange Kit
  • Cable Flange Kit
  • Cable ties and straps

How to use Dark Street REV 4.0 WIDE 120x60x178 (DS120W)?

Download the assembly instructions here.

Here you can see how to assemble the tent.

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