Digital Humidity Controller (Hygrometer)

Digital Humidity Controller (Hygrometer)

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What is Digital Humidity Controller (Hygrometer)?

This simple device allows you to automatically turn on/off your humidifier at a set level. This means that if you set your target humidity to be 90%, it will shut off whenever it goes above it, and turn it back on when it's under. No more guess work.

Control the relative humidity from 1% to 99%, with 0.1% setting increments and a measuring error margin of 0.2%.

Why choose Digital Humidity Controller (Hygrometer)?

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to control the humidity in your grow tent or mushroom grow environment, this is precisely what you need. 

No complications, just set the parameters moving the up and down arrows and using the LCD display. Plug & Play, ready to be used without a complicated setup.

How to use Digital Humidity Controller (Hygrometer)?

The unit comes with a standard humidity between 80% and 90%. To change those settings, simply keep one of the buttons pressed, the number will start to blink and you can set the desired number. Then wait a few seconds without pressing anything and the parameter will be saved. Do the same for the other (lower or upper) limit and you are done.

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