DWC (Deep Water Culture) System - IKEA Cabinet Small

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What Is DWC (Deep Water Culture) System - IKEA Cabinet Small?

A Deep Water Culture system is a type of hydroponic system that allows you to grow plants by suspending the roots in a solution of water and nutrients. The water/solution is constantly receiving oxygen through an air pump, which allows the plant a higher nutrient uptake, resulting in larger harvests. 

DWC is arguably the easiest and most maintenance free way of growing hydroponic plants. 

The kit contains:

  • Water/Solution reservoir
  • Air Pump, air pipe and air stone
  • Net pot + 3D printed holder
  • Clay pebbles

Why Choose DWC (Deep Water Culture) System - IKEA Cabinet Small?

You are looking for a simple and effective hydroponic solution for the Small IKEA Cabinet and don't want to grow in soil or coco. 

How To Use DWC (Deep Water Culture) System - IKEA Cabinet Small?

  • Connect the air pipe to the air pump, then slide the other end of the pipe through the hole in the reservoir. Once done, connect the air stone. 
  • Place the net pot between the 3d printed holders and secure in place.
  • Fill with water, place the clay pebbles and your sprouted plant in a rockwool or other germination plug.
  • Connect the air pump to the power supply

To empty the reservoir for water changes, you can use a submersion pump like our Hydroponic Tank Drain Kit

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