Eazy Plug Cubes
Eazy Plug Cubes

Eazy Plug Cubes

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What are Eazy Plug Cubes?

is a propagation cube to germinate your seeds or host a clone. It's a replacement for a Rockwool cube, only you are using a sustainable medium that doesn't require any plastic around it at any point thanks to its perfect integration with larger modules.

Eazy Plug comes with pre-set EC and pH levels and self regulates to exactly the right air to water ratio. 

Why choose them?

You are looking for a more sustainable option to Rockwool, which is essentially shredded glass. Not the best think to be handling and inhaling. Just saying.

How to use them?

 Dip them in water, let them soak in nicely, but don't worry, their structure will drain the excess water. Take it out, place it on your grow surface and finally place your seed or clone in it. Watch it grow.