Final Part (Terra Aquatica)

Final Part (Terra Aquatica)

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What is Final Part (Terra Aquatica)?

Final Part is a complete late flowering nutrient/stimulant requiring no additional boosters. It increases flowering and production of active principles, whilst eliminating nutrient excess. 

This product has been a classic favorite for a few decades, and chances are, if you've been around some time, you probably still call it "Ripen".

As a forcing solution, Final Part can be used in any circumstance where you need to control or enhance ripening, and at the end of every flowering/fruiting cycle of annual flowers and fruits to maximize yield and flavor intensity.

Why Choose It?

It acts in 3 ways:

  • It sends the plant. strong signal that it is coming to the end of tis life; this prompts the plant to accelerate the ripening process.
  • It forces the plant to strengthen its defense and thus increase essential oil and active principle production.
  • It delivers all the mineral salts the plants need in a form that is easy to assimilate: in case of a previous accumulation of nitrate or microelements, this helps metabolize residues, which improves taste.

How to use it?

  • Hydroponics : replace old nutrient solution with pH adjusted water add up to 5 ml/L of FinalPart® to match or slightly exceed your previous EC (up to 2.6) and mix well. Run for 10 days, or as needed, then use FlashClean® to finish or harvest your crop directly.
  • Soil : apply in pH adjusted water at up to 4 ml/L to match or slightly exceed your previous EC (up to 2.0). Apply until leaf yellowing occurs and/or ripening is satisfactory. This can take from 10 to 20 days. Then use FlashClean® to finish or harvest your crop directly.
  • Expert growers can use FinalPart® to manipulate water stress to maximize active principal concentration, and minimize splitting in soft fruit culture : target EC 2.6 ms in hydro and target EC 2.0 ms in soil.

Download the Terra Aquatica Application Chart to find out the exact amounts.