Full Spectrum E27 Grow Light Bulb - 15W

Full Spectrum E27 Grow Light Bulb - 15W

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What is Full Spectrum E27 Grow Light Bulb - 15W?

This 15w grow light is a great all rounder thanks to its broad spectrum. From herbs and leafy greens to tomatoes and chilies, this bulb will keep your plants alive all year round.

It can work as a maintenance or extra light, or as a main light for a small area (approx. 30x30cm). Pleasant to look at, this light has a white hue, unlike those annoying looking pink/red ones. 

Why Choose it?

Simple all rounder for all plants. Most affordable light in stock.

How to use it?

Screw it onto an E27 socket and you are good to go. For best results, use it with a timer, leaving it on for 14-16 hour per day. Keep at a distance of 10-30cm for best results.

Color temperature: 4000 K
Lifespan: 25 000 h
Size: 121 x 93 mm (4.8" x 3.7")
PPFD: 195 µmol m-2 s-1 at 20 cm distance