Grow Tent HPS Kit - 100x100x200

Grow Tent HPS Kit - 100x100x200

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What Is Grow Tent HPS Kit - 100x100x200?

A kit with all the essentials needed to get you started growing with HPS lamps (High Pressure Sodium). HPS lights are the most affordable grow light types available. They might be old-school, but still do an excellent job. 

All components included have been tested and are recommended to be used together for effective environment and smell control.

The kit contains:

The air extraction components work perfectly for both a 400w and a 600w setup so you have some flexibility in case you decide to upgrade your light at a later stage. 

This setup can accomodate 4 xxl pots or 8xxl pots (not included)

Not Included But Needed To Complete The Kit

Pots: 6x 6.5l (18x18x23cm) +  or 4x 11l (24x24x28cm).

Substrate: BioBizz Light Mix 50l or BioBizz All mix 50l

Nutrients: BioBizz BioGrow 1l, BioBizz BioBloom 1l, BioBizz Top Max 1l, BioBizz CalMag 1l. Or Start with the BioBizz Try-Pack Indoor. 

Why Choose Grow Tent HPS Kit - 100x100x200?

You know you want to grow in a tent this size and you want to make sure you are getting the correct components for no future surprises. All whilst keeping price as contained as possible.

How to use Grow Tent HPS Kit - 100x100x200?

Build the grow tent, set up the air extractor and filter, the light, timer, clip fan and you are ready to get started.

Don't forget to get your preferred soil, nutrients, pots and add seeds and you will have all that's needed.

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