HESI Phosphorus Plus

HESI Phosphorus Plus

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What is HESI Phosphorus Plus?

Phosphorus and potassium become more essential in the course of the bloom. The goal of blossoming is reproduction, a high quantity of genes (DNA) is created and goes together with a high need of power. The phosphate is used as a building block.

Potassium is the key for the movement of water and nutrients from the roots to the foliage. It also controls CO2 absorption and has a significant impact on photosynthesis. From the middle of the bloom phase, or when the bloom is noticeably slack, Phosphorus Plus is given in combination with Bloom Complex. Why not before? Simply, it is not required before this point, the PK levels from the Bloom Complex are fully sufficient. An excessive P and K concentration would hinder the absorption of essential minerals or even cause deficiencies.

Use with HESI Bloom Complex.

Why choose it?

  • PK fertiliser 7-5

How to use it?


Download the grow schedule for your substrate to know the exact amounts.

HESI Soil grow schedule
HESI Hydro grow schedule
HESI Coco grow schedule

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