HESI TNT Complex

HESI TNT Complex

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What is HESI TNT Complex?

TNT Complex is a NPK fertilizer that provides all the necessary nutrients for strong growth on soil and coco-based substrates. It keeps your plants growing in balance, whether in pots, containers or irrigation systems. Most of the nitrogen in TNT Complex is organic, which results in low salinity and therefore a low EC value. This makes it gentle for long-term use, e.g. for mother plants, even in smaller containers, because the soft EC value prevents leaching of the soil. Growth means increase of volume with simultaneous increase of the inner plant parts, such as leaf greens. Your plants will be pleased with the added valuable vital substances, which promote metabolism and photosynthesis. This makes success easy and you as gardener happy. 

Why choose it?

  • For explosive growth
  • NPK 3-2-3
  • All macronutrients & trace elements.
  • Supplemented with valuable vital elements

How to use it?


Mix into the irrigation water, no matter whether in pots or irrigation systems. Half dosage for very young seedlings or cuttings, or when applied continuously for longer periods.

Download the grow schedule for your substrate to know the exact amounts.

HESI Soil grow schedule
HESI Hydro grow schedule
HESI Coco grow schedule

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