HPS 400W Bulb - Grow Bloom

HPS 400W Bulb - Grow Bloom

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What Is HPS 400W Bulb - Grow Bloom?

A high pressure sodium (HPS) light bulb to screw into a reflector. This old school light technology is still a great option today is you don't want to invest in LED lights, and can give an extra help when it comes to taste. 

This bulb delivers 56.000 lumens and can be used for the entire grow cycle with its 2100°K color temperature. No need to use 2 separate ones.

Why Choose HPS 400W Bulb - Grow Bloom?

You need an HPS light for a 100x100x200 grow tent.

How To Use HPS 400W Bulb - Grow Bloom? 

Make sure the power ballast is not plugged in and simply screw the bulb into the reflector holder.