Boveda Humidity Control Strips 58%
Boveda Humidity Control Strips 58%

Boveda Humidity Control Strips 58%

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What is Boveda Humidity Control Strips 58%?

Boveda strips are as simple 2-way humidity control system to regulate and stabilize humidity inside a jar or container. 

This all natural salt and water solution regulates the relative humidity inside your container by by creating a monolayer shield of purified water over your plant matter.

Boveda's patented packaging allows you to simple leave them in contact with the plant matter. Simple and safe.

This version will keep the relative humidity at 58%.

Why choose Boveda Humidity Control 58%?

  • You want to regulate the humidity within a container or jar to preserve some plant matter.
  • Properly preserved plant matter will last longer and have better taste and aroma.

How to use Boveda Humidity Control 58%?

Remove the Boveda pack from the plastic wrapper and pop it in your container.

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