Kalong Grow Liquid

Kalong Grow Liquid

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What is Kalong Grow Liquid?

Kalong Grow Liquid is a revolutionary vegan super fertilizer designed to deliver astonishing growth using 100% organic ingredients. This potent plant nutrient contains only nitrogen and potassium, working in conjunction with Guanokalong® Powder to enhance flavor, quality, and yield of the end product. Its fast-acting formula allows for precise adjustments in plant growth, while also providing extended stimulation and support for microbial life in the soil. Whether you're growing plants indoors or outdoors, Kalong Grow Liquid is your go-to solution for achieving remarkable growth in a plant-friendly, sustainable manner.

Why Choose It?

  • Astonishing Growth: Kalong Grow Liquid is formulated to promote exceptional plant growth, resulting in healthier and more abundant crops.
  • Root-Friendly: Its low salt index ensures that it's gentle on plant roots, reducing the risk of stress or damage.
  • 100% Vegan: Ideal for growers following vegan practices, this product aligns with ethical and sustainable gardening methods.
  • Enhanced Flavor and Quality: Kalong Grow Liquid, when used in conjunction with Guanokalong® Powder, not only boosts growth but also enhances the flavor and overall quality of your harvest.
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use: Whether you're tending to plants in controlled indoor environments or outdoor gardens, Kalong Grow Liquid is versatile and effective.
  • Microbial Support: This liquid fertilizer stimulates and sustains microbial life in the soil, contributing to a healthier growing environment.

How to Use It?

  1. Shake the bottle thoroughly before each use.
  2. During the growing phase, add 1 to 2 ml of Kalong Grow Liquid per liter of water with every watering. For weekly watering, use 3 to 4 ml per liter of water.
  3. During the flowering phase, add 1 ml of Kalong Grow Liquid per liter of water with every watering. Do not continue using it for more than 2 to 3 weeks during this phase.
  4. Always refer to our substrate cultivation chart or the 'expert info' tab for more detailed instructions and guidance.


  • Based on sugar molasses, does not contain guano and phosphorus.
  • NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) ratio: 5-0-3 in brown liquid form.

Note: If you require the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for this product, please contact us directly.

Phosphorus: Kalong Grow Liquid itself does not contain phosphorus, but it can be combined with Guanokalong® Powder to achieve an optimal phosphorus level in the soil. Guanokalong® Powder gradually releases phosphorus throughout the growth cycle, making it available to the plant through microbial processes.

Odor: It's important to use Kalong Grow Liquid promptly once mixed with feed water to avoid fermentation and unpleasant odors. Storing the mixture can lead to undesirable results.