Liquid Oxygen 11.9% Hydrogen Peroxide

Liquid Oxygen 11.9% Hydrogen Peroxide

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What is Liquid Oxygen 11.9% Hydrogen Peroxide?

Liquid Oxygen by Growth Technology is a solution containing 11.9% hydrogen peroxide. Once added to the nutrient tank it will break down into pure water, releasing extra oxygen atoms into the solution, where it can be absorbed by the roots.

Liquid Oxygen can be used to clean and sterilize your entire hydroponic system as well as the growing medium by killing all pathogens and harmful bacteria.

Why choose it?

  • You need to clean your hydroponic tank and equipment in between grows
  • Your roots in the reservoir are starting to rot. Liquid Oxygen is likely your only chance to try and save them 

How to use it?

To sterilize your hydroponic equipment, run a mix of 100ml of Liquid Oxygen per 10l of water. Make the solution run through the entire system and after, run a few cycles with fresh water to clean it. Wait a couple of days before using the system again.

To clean your substrate, like perlite or expanded clay, remove as many as the old roots as possible, then dip the medium in a highly concentrated solution of water and Liquid Oxygen. This will oxidize any organic matter and help with its rapid decomposition. Flush the grow medium with fresh water afterwards and you are done.

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