Nutriculture Oxypot Single
Nutriculture Oxypot Single
Nutriculture Oxypot Single

Nutriculture Oxypot Single

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What is Nutriculture Oxypot Single?

 Nutriculture Oxypot Single is a simple to use DWC (Deep Water Culture) system perfect for the beginner grower looking to grow a single plant. This cost effective solution allows you to grow plants with a fraction of the substrate used with soil or coco, by using around 1l of clay pebbles that rest in a net cut.

The roots coming from the pot grow in a solution of water and nutrient and the system is complimented by an air pump (not included) to allow proper oxygenation to your roots.

Find out more about this product and how it can be expanded in this video.

Why choose it?

 If you want to get started with Deep Water Culture with a cost efficient system you can later expand by connecting it to other units.

Forget about overwatering and under watering.

How to use it?

  • Fill Oxypot with 1l of clay pebbles
  • Place the sprouted plant (rooted) in the pebbles
  • Connect the air pump and make sure the air stone is on the bottom of the tank
  • Fill with water. 2cm above the bottom of the net cup for seedling or 2cm below for already rooted plants
  • Add nutrients
  • Test and correct pH (5.8-6.2)
  • Empty the tank and change nutrients every 14-21 days by using the blue emptying tube

The kit includes tank, lid, blanking cap and net pot. 

Tank size: 15l
Dimensions: 35x35x38cm
Suggested Growing Media: clay pebbles (hydroton)