Oidioprot Fungicide

Oidioprot Fungicide

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What Is Oidioprot Fungicide?

OIDIOPROT is a mixture of nutrients and growth factors for the microflora extracted from the specific microorganisms that prevent fungal growth. The product is not toxic and does not leave any residues. Does not affect the flower and resin. No stains the floor.

Used for control of powdery mildew caused by various fungi, such as: Erysphe, Laveillula, Podosphaera, Shpaeroteca in cultured exterior, interior and greenhouse. 

The product can be applied up to 15 days before harvest. It's completely biodegradable and natural, leaving no residues. 

Why Choose Oidioprot Fungicide?

Prevents the development of the fungus and act specifically on powdery mildews

How To Use Oidioprot Fungicide?

5g per liter of water

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