Orchid Focus Grow - Growth Technology

Orchid Focus Grow - Growth Technology

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What Is Orchid Focus Grow - Growth Technology?

Contrary to the myth that orchids don't need to be fed, the vast majority of orchids grown for hobby have distinctive nutritional needs. Needs that are markedly different than those provided by common houseplant foods and fertilizers. These mass market fertilizers often contain significant levels of ammonia and urea, which can build up to toxic levels in orchid potting media.

Orchid Focus Premium Orchid Foods by Growth Technology Ltd. are precisely formulated to help orchids achieve their full potential. Manufactured using only the purest and most soluble mineral elements, it's benefits to orchid growth are greatly improved with the addition of a complex profile of organic plant acids.

Used and recommended by the prestigious Eric Young Foundation, Orchid Focus Premium Orchid Foods are non-toxic, and pose no environmental hazards. Orchid Focus will help you produce more vivid, longer lasting flowers on healthy, vigorous plants. Orchid Focus is available in two distinct formulations for the unique requirements of orchids in the growth phase, as well as those that are blooming.

Orchid Focus Grow Formula encourages vigorous growth in orchids and is suitable for all species and hybrids, almost all of which will benefit from a regular feeding schedule. This is especially applicable when preparing plants for exhibition or sale.

Orchid Focus Grow Formula has higher levels of nitrogen, derived from nitrates, which promote the growth of healthy shoots and leaves. Orchid Focus Grow Formula has a guaranteed NPK ratio of 2.0 - 0.6 - 2.0, derived from pure mineral salts including calcium nitrate, potassium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate and potassium sulfate. Orchid Focus Grow Formula contains NO ammonia or urea.

Orchid Focus Grow Formula also contains .25% Humic Acids, derived from Leonardite.

Why Choose Orchid Focus Grow - Growth Technology?

You need a nutrient for the grow phase of your orchids.

How To Use Orchid Focus Grow - Growth Technology?

5ml per liter of water. Use at each watering for optimum results. Flush once a month with plain water to remove traces of mineral salts build up.

Once a month, give your orchid a dose of 8ml per litre of water for extra vibrancy and vigor.