pH Test For Soil

pH Test For Soil

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What Is pH Test For Soil?

This pH test kit will help you understand the pH levels of your soil, so you can better asses if corrections are needed for optima nutrient uptake. 

A correct pH level is pretty much the easiest thing you can do to give your plants the best chance they have to correctly absorb the nutrients they need and not develop deficiencies. The kit allows you to do 25 measurements. 

Why Choose pH Test For Soil?

You want to stop guessing and actually know your grow medium's pH level.

How To Use pH Test For Soil?

  • Take a tiny soil sample, remove rocks and break up any large bits
  • Put in the test tube
  • Add the pH solution from the test kit
  • Add the barium from the test kit
  • Close and shake the test tube
  • Compare the color of the water with the color scale on the packet to determine the pH level

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