Pink Oyster Mushroom Liquid Culture

Pink Oyster Mushroom Liquid Culture

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What is Pink Oyster Mushroom Liquid Culture?

This syringe contains 20ml of high-purity Pink Oyster mushroom liquid culture. Use it to inoculate substrate and grow your own Pink Oyster mushrooms. 

Why choose it?

This quality liquid culture is produced in small batches to ensure you always get a strong and reliable product which results in a rapid and strong colonization process. 

It comes with a sterile needle and is ready to be used for inoculation. 

How to use it?

Sterilize your needle with alcohol, attach it to the syringe, sterilize your injection port in your inoculation jar or substrate bag and inject the culture.

If you don't use all the culture at once, you can close it again with the cap it came with. 

The culture should be stored at room temperature away from light and not refrigerated. If kept in optimal conditions, the shelf life of this products should be around 2 months.

We strongly advise to use the product as soon as you receive it to ensure you get the best results.