Plagron EasyPack 100% Terra

Plagron EasyPack 100% Terra

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What is Plagron EasyPack 100% Terra?

The Plagron EasyPack 100% Terra is a comprehensive nutrient kit designed to support the growth of four plants from start to finish. It's tailored for growers who prefer mineral-based nutrients for quick and direct results, ensuring optimal growth and flowering phases. The pack includes mineral base nutrients for both growth and flowering phases, along with Green Sensation, a 4-in-1 additive that enhances taste, yield, and plant health.

Why Choose Plagron EasyPack 100% Terra?

  • Complete Nutrient Solution: Contains all necessary nutrients for up to 8 weeks of both growth and flowering phases, tailored for an average of four plants.
  • Easy to Use: Comes with a detailed manual and grow schedule, simplifying the fertilization process for both beginners and advanced growers.
  • Includes Green Sensation: A powerful 4-in-1 booster that enhances flowering, resistance, soil health, and yields without the need for additional PK fertilizers, enhancers, or enzymes.
  • Optimal for Terra Cultivation: Ideal for use with Lightmix and Growmix substrates, although compatible with all substrates offered by the brand.
  • Direct Nutrient Uptake: Mineral nutrients allow for immediate plant uptake, offering quick adjustments and results.

How to Use Plagron EasyPack 100% Terra?

  1. Follow the Grow Schedule: Refer to the included manual for weekly dosages and instructions tailored to the growth and flowering stages of your plants.
  2. Adjust for Longer Grow Phases: If the grow phase extends beyond two weeks, simply repeat the nutrient dosage of the final grow week as needed.
  3. Substrate Compatibility: For best results, use with recommended substrates such as Lightmix or Growmix, but suitable for all types of substrates.

The Plagron EasyPack 100% Terra offers a straightforward approach to mineral-based plant nutrition, ensuring fast and effective results for growers seeking more control over their cultivation process.

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