PLAGRON Sugar Royal

PLAGRON Sugar Royal

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What is Plagron Sugar Royal?

Plagron Sugar Royal is a remarkable organic super-fertilizer designed to enhance the natural aroma and taste of your final crop. It serves as a valuable addition to your base nutrition, supporting and challenging your plant's natural processes for optimal results.

Why Choose Plagron Sugar Royal?

  • Flavor Enhancement: Sugar Royal contains a unique substance that triggers increased resin production in plants. This resin, rich in flavonoids, terpenes, and essential oils, contributes to the plant's taste and aroma, giving it a sticky, shiny appearance.

  • Amino Acid Power: Packed with essential amino acids, Sugar Royal acts as a foundation for robust plant growth. These amino acids boost metabolic efficiency, allowing the plant to allocate more energy to critical processes and enhancing its resistance to external stressors.

  • Versatile Application: Sugar Royal is suitable for use with all peat and coco substrates, making it adaptable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It seamlessly integrates into your nutrient regimen, regardless of your chosen cultivation method.

How to Use Plagron Sugar Royal

  1. Shake Well: Before using Sugar Royal, ensure you shake the bottle thoroughly.

  2. Proper Dilution: Add a maximum of 1 ml of Sugar Royal per liter of water, maintaining a 1:1,000 ratio.

  3. Regular Application: Apply this solution each time you irrigate your plants during the entire growth cycle.

Unlocking the Full Potential: Combining with Other Products

For exceptional results, consider combining Sugar Royal with Plagron's Green Sensation. While Sugar Royal enhances flavor and accelerates growth, Green Sensation improves flowering, soil quality, plant resistance, and yield. Together, they create the perfect synergy for your cultivation.

In Summary

Plagron Sugar Royal is your key to achieving remarkable growth and superior taste in your crops. Elevate your cultivation experience, stimulate resin production, and enjoy a flavorful harvest with Sugar Royal. Unlock the secrets to astonishing results in aroma and yield.

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