Rockwool Plug 25x25x40
Rockwool Plug 25x25x40

Rockwool Plug 25x25x40

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What is Rockwool Plug 25x25x40?

The Rockwool Plug 25x25x40 is a precision-engineered growing medium, perfect for seed starting and cloning. These plugs, made from spun molten rock formed into fibers and then shaped into cubes, offer an excellent balance of water retention and aeration, promoting robust root growth.

Why Choose Rockwool Plug 25x25x40?

  • Optimal Root Support: Designed to maintain the ideal air-to-water ratio, these plugs foster healthy root development crucial for early plant growth.
  • Sterile and Stable: As an inert and pathogen-free medium, rockwool reduces the risk of disease, providing a secure start for young plants.
  • Control and Efficiency: Enables precise control over nutrient and water delivery, optimizing the growth environment for your plants.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with various hydroponic setups and suitable for a wide range of plant species, from seedlings to cuttings.
  • Packaging Options: Available in single units or in trays of 150 units, catering to both small-scale hobbyists and large-scale commercial growers.

How to Use Rockwool Plug 25x25x40?

  1. Pre-soak: Immerse the rockwool plugs in pH-neutral water (5.5-6.5) to ensure they're fully saturated and ready for planting.
  2. Planting: Place seeds or cuttings into the pre-formed holes at the top of each plug, ensuring good contact between the plant material and the rockwool.
  3. Water Management: Keep the plugs consistently moist but be cautious of overwatering, as rockwool has excellent water retention capabilities.
  4. Scaling Up: Once the plants have established a strong root system within the plug, they can be easily transplanted to larger growing systems or mediums.

Whether for individual use or large-scale operations, the Rockwool Plug 25x25x40 offers a practical and effective solution for propagating plants, ensuring a healthy start and easing the transition to subsequent growth stages.

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