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What is Root Riot?

Root Riot cubes are innovative propagation cubes made from organic, composted ingredients. They possess a unique spongy texture that maintains the perfect air-to-water ratio for promoting rapid and healthy root growth. These cubes are versatile and suitable for both seeds and cuttings, offering a reliable starting environment for plant growth. They are infused with biologically active ingredients and microelements that play a positive role in root development. Root Riot cubes are an essential tool for any gardener looking to kickstart their seeds, cuttings, or plant clones.

Why Choose Root Riot?

There are several reasons to choose Root Riot cubes:

  • Rapid Rooting: Root Riot cubes ensure fast and vigorous root development, providing a strong foundation for plant growth.
  • pH and EC Stability: These cubes maintain optimal pH and EC values, even after the addition of water or solutions, thanks to their material properties, reducing the potential for grower errors.
  • Dust-Free: Root Riot cubes are dust-free, making them easy to work with and maintain a clean growing environment.
  • Reliable Results: With a proven track record, Root Riot cubes offer consistent and reliable results.
  • Eco-Friendly: They are 100% biodegradable, contributing to a more sustainable gardening practice.

How to Use Root Riot Cubes? 

Using Root Riot cubes is a straightforward process for both seeds and cuttings:

For Seeds:

  1. Place the seeds in the holes of the cubes.
  2. Position the tray of cubes in a warm location until sprouting begins.

For Seedlings/Clones:

  1. Select the desired area for trimming and cut at a slant just below the stem's thickening or stem knot.
  2. Remove most of the leaves, leaving only a few.
  3. Dip the cut piece of the mother plant into Growth Technology Clonex rooting gel.
  4. Gently place it in the hole on top of the Root Riot Cube, without applying pressure.
  5. Spray the cuttings with Clonex Mist or an alternative preparation.
  6. Cover with plastic wrap or a transparent lid in a suitable environment to maintain adequate humidity.
  7. Spray regularly during the growing process.
  8. Transplant the plant when its roots become visible to the eye. If needed, the cube itself can be transplanted into any growth system.

Root Riot cubes are designed to retain moisture due to their spongy texture, ensuring an ideal air-to-water ratio for healthy seedlings or cuttings. Unlike Rockwool cubes, Root Riot maintains consistent moisture levels and can be used in both traditional and hydroponic gardens, remaining stable without clogging filters. These cubes contain the essential elements necessary for plant cuttings to produce robust roots, fostering vigorous plant growth. Additionally, Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes are safe for use in food production, making them a reliable choice for all your gardening needs.