Rose Focus - Growth Technology

Rose Focus - Growth Technology

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What Is Rose Focus - Growth Technology?

A unique liquid nutrient formulation for roses, suitable for indoor and outdoor roses.

With the proper nutrition roses will achieve optimum color and fragrance. Rose Focus is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of potted rose plants. It contains pure mineral salts and complex organic plant acids.

Roses will suffer as soil fertility declines. This is especially an issue in pots and containers. Humic acid, applied with the fertiliser, replicates the gradual addition of organic material in nature, such as by leaf fall. All Focus nutrients are richly endowed with humic and fulvic acids to support and maintain soil fertility.

Suitable for all roses

Why Choose Rose Focus - Growth Technology?

You want to give your roses a nutritional boost

How To Use Rose Focus - Growth Technology?

Use at each watering for optimum results. Flush once a month with plain water to remove traces of mineral salts build up.
Gradually increase nutrient strength (dilution rate) as plant advances in growth towards maturity.

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