UGRO Rhiza XL - 70l

UGRO Rhiza XL - 70l

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What Is UGRO Rhiza XL 70l?

A 5kg block of pressed and dehydrated coco peat with a low percentage of fibres, enriched with endomycorrhizae. 18l of water this bag will yield up to 70l of high quality coco peat. 

Why Choose UGRO Rhiza XL 70l?

You are looking for a high quality coco substrate that comes without soil pathogens and with added beneficial fungi that help with nutrient uptake.

How To Use UGRO Rhiza XL 70l?

Mix the coco peat with water in a large container and hydrate the product. Wait 2-3 minutes until the substrate fully hydrates. You can add perlite to help with root oxygenation and water drainage.

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