Yellow Sticky Traps

Yellow Sticky Traps (7 pcs)

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What Are Yellow Sticky Traps?

A simple solution to get rid or greatly reduce unwanted flying pests in your grow space. Works with white flies, leaf miners, radish flies, carrot flies, those mega annoying aphids, leaf bugs, fungus gnats and pretty much anything that flies.

Bugs are attracted to the yellow color and will fly towards it, but they will get stuck on the glue surface and eventually die. Both sides of the strip are sticky and there are 7 in each packet that measure 20x7.5cm.

Why Choose Yellow Sticky Traps?

You want to get rid of those flying pests before they create havoc.

How To Use Yellow Sticky Traps?

Take a strip from the package, secure it with the provided green metal cable and then remove both glue protection sheets.